Aspotogan Peninsula

Wander our perfect sandy beaches and take in the striking ocean views that have made the Aspotogan Peninsula a photographer’s paradise!

Plan an idyllic day trip along this unique part of the Lighthouse Route, which is situated between beautiful St. Margaret’s Bay on the east and island-strewn Mahone  Bay to the west. First settled by Mi’kmaq, who lived on the Aspotogan until the beginning of the First World War, the Aspotogan coastline on Highway 329 is dotted with several small, peaceful fishing communities and quaint tourist spots from Fox Point down to Aspotogan Harbour and Blandford, and back up to East River. Lively Hubbards is the largest community here, at the northeast of the Peninsula, and is a popular destination for tourists. When sun and sand and family fun are in order, Bayswater Beach is a glorious way to spend a relaxed summer’s day by the water. Located along route 329 on the western shore of St. Margaret’s Bay, Bayswater Beach is a long sandy beach and picnic park with calm waters, a freshwater pond and a picnic area with outdoor barbecue pits and change areas.

A bit further down from the beach sits one of the two memorial sites from the Swissair 111 disaster of 1998. Another unique attraction is Grey Gull residence in Tiley’s Cove. Used widely over the 4 years of filming of the thriller TV series, Haven.