Chester & Area

This leisurely drive along Highway 103 is an ideal way to explore the natural beauty of the South Shore, with plenty of adventure thrown in! Spend the day finding beautiful beaches, rugged coastline, island escapes, sun-filled bays and even the world’s longest treasure hunt!

Take in some fishing in the pretty seaside community of Gold River or head to Western Shore where breathtaking views, a relaxing full-service resort, and the famous Oak Island mystery await.

The legend of the Oak Island “Money Pit” began in 1795, when three boys discovered unmistakable proof that someone had buried something deep in the ground. For centuries, seekers have tried find the buried mystery which, according to theories, could contain Captain Kidd’s treasure or connections to the Holy Grail. The Oak Island legend has recently experienced resurgence in popularity and is currently being filmed for a History Channel television series.

The beautiful Village of Chester is a chance to experience relaxed seaside living at its grandest and nestled next to The Village of Chester is the quaint community of Chester Basin, which recently celebrated 250 years of history. Turn onto Route 14 to Windsor Road for a breath of fresh, farm country air and tranquil lakeside stop. And if you’re looking for a looking for a really unique experience, hop on the ferry to the remote island of Tancook. Just across the water from Chester and with a lovely rustic charm all its own, Tancook Island is only 3 miles long with a population of 125. Pack a picnic, enjoy the views, visit the island’s museum, art gallery or craft shop – or simply explore the island’s pathways by foot or by bike. Tancook is a perfect little Nova Scotia escape and what the locals consider to be their own secret treasure!